Adı: Mikayla Devlin

Doğum Yeri: Nijerya

Doğum Tarihi: 16/07/1989

Kilo: 81.8kg

Boy: 1.85m

Konum: Kaleci

You miserable little smack head, get the hell out! You're going back to rehab - today, now. Eighteen Months you have been clean for eighteen months, Jane, why, why do you do it? Lying to me, shacking up and using with this scumbag, this loser! 

You talk about rehab oh gee, isn't that wonderful? Okay, you know what you need? I'll tell you exactly what you need. I am calling the police. I have tried ten years of love and understanding, maybe what it takes is you drying out in a jail cell. 

Wayfarer 515, radio check.  Wayfarer 515, Albuquerque Center, roger, climb and maintain 13,000.  Juliet Mike two one, squawk 4201, ident.  Juliet Mike two one, climb and maintain 17,000.  Cleared direct to Albuquerque via the... aircraft calling please standby.  Jane Mike two one turn heading... disregard.  Aircraft calling say again. 

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